Five band members of The Sorters posing with their instruments

Saturday June 22, 2024  /  2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

The Sorters

Indie Roots Rock Band out of Northeast PA

“The Sorters” emerged organically from the daily grind of Spencer, Callie, and Kyle at a farm store, where their shared passion for music led to post-work jam sessions in a cabin they constructed. Drawing inspiration from their morning task of sorting produce, the band aptly named themselves “The Sorters.” With James joining as a drummer and Sam contributing mandolin and harmonica skills, the lineup solidified, enhanced later by Danny’s lead guitar prowess.

Their synergy created a unique sound, complementing Spencer’s vocals, Callie’s cello and keys, and Kyle’s low end. Rooted in real-life experiences, each song crafted by The Sorters tells its own story. The band gained traction in Pennsylvania, captivating audiences at notable festivals like Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Another World Festival, Corning Glass Fest, and Sterling Folk Fest.

The Sorters have been dedicating their time in the studio to recording singles and EPs, showcasing their musical depth. Taking creative control, they ventured into music video production, crafting compelling visuals for tracks like “Window” and “Sad Long Story.” The band’s live performance on PBS WPSU, available on YouTube, further amplified their reach.

Recognized for their talent, The Sorters received multiple CPMA nominations for best folk band. Callie Shumway, contributing her exceptional cello skills, earned the prestigious title of best auxiliary musician at the Steamtown Music Awards. As they continue to captivate audiences and carve their niche in the folk rock music scene, The Sorters exemplify dedication, creativity, and a commitment to telling stories through their music.