2024 Plein-Air Artists

Steve duprey

Phelps, NY

About the Artist

Steve Duprey has been painting in his head for well over thirty years but is relatively new to the  world of brush on canvas. He started on Christmas of 2010 when his wife Cindy gave him all the supplies he needed to begin. It’s been quite an adventure since then. He paints quickly and several times a week. People have compared his rapid painting style to that of television’s Bob Ross (but without the afro). He posts his speed paintings on YouTube (just search his name).

Steve has found that landscapes, specifically trees, are his thing and, after only a year of the art show circuit, has been dubbed “The Tree Guy”. His love of that particular form drives most of his work. When not painting, Steve teaches communications at Finger Lakes Community College and  directs the Newark High School theatre program. He’s also well known in the Geneva area for his directing work with the Geneva Theatre Guild.

He resides in beautiful Upstate New York with his wife Cindy and their two
children, Kate and Ben.